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Principal Investigator
Ziv is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, and faculty of Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology, Harvard Medical School Program in Neuroscience and the MGH-HMS Center for Nervous System Repair
Ray is an instructor who is interested in social neuroscience. This brought him to Boston to work with Ziv in trying to answer fundamental questions about how our brains represent our social environment and how they enact decisions.
Mohsen is an instructor interested in systems/computational neuroscience. His primary focus is on understanding the neural basis of complex decision making process in humans and brain machine interfaces.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Yoav is a post-doctoral fellow in the lab
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Ben is a neurosurgery resident interested in studying executive motor control. He enjoys ski touring and running.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Arjun is a neurosurgery resident who joined the Williams Lab to explore the intersection between clinical neurosurgery and academic neurosciences. He is interested in learning translating discoveries and inventions made in the laboratory to improve neurosurgical care.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Jill is a post-doctoral fellow in the lab interested in higher level processes in the brain.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Martina is a neurosurgery resident interested in social neuroscience in primates and humans.
Graduate Student
Will is an MD/PhD student in the lab interested in neural mechanisms underlying group decision making and social constructs. Outside of lab, he enjoys brewing beer, cooking, and exploring the world
Polly is a research associate interested in social neuroscience and brain-machine interfaces.
Undergraduate Student
Omer is an undergraduate co-op student
Undergraduate Student
Moe is an undergraduate student interested in cognitive neuroscience